3D modeling

We can model, visualize and animate 3D objects with different level of details and for many tasks.

We offer a wide range of utilities in spheres of modeling, rendering and animation: from the characters for computer games or movies, to futuristic cars and cities.

As a result of our job, you can get a low-poly and high-poly models, pictures шт cartoon or close to photorealistic rendering style, static or animation-ready character or mechanism.

Objects are created by us from scratch, or can be based on your drawings and sketches. By giving us your drawings or technical task, you may get high quality results.

Some examples of our work, presented in the gallery, and in the relevant pages.

Sea Farm Basket
3D characters - Anime girl
USB drive -
3D characters - Mulan
Girl's bedroom
Bar restaurant interior design
Cups - clean and dirty
Administrative building (court house)
Virus vs cells
Bathroom 1
3D characters - wolf
3D characters - Woman in dress and suit
Dining room
Bathroom 2
Exhibition 4 med
Casino interior design
Sink v2
Bedroom 2
Bathrooms in the container
Kitchen in 2 flat room
8 storey appartment
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Ocean Fish Farm
USB drive-
Designers' chair
USB drive -
USB storage -
3D characters - teenager
Gated community
Airplane interior design and visualisation
Band rover
Hotel room / bedroom
Fitness Equipment and animation of basic exercises
Kitchen with fireplace
Start-up office zone with the skateboard park
Electrical spheres and the earth
Outdoor cafe v2
Stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition
Paintings in frames
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 2
Business center
3D characters - sportsman
Three versions of kitchen
USB drive -
Colt Armory Dome
Public bathroom in container
100 sq. feet office/study zone - interior
Virtual studio for online training
Dining room with fireplace
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Jewelry -
Bedroom v1
3D characters - Baseball player
3D model of kangen water filter machine
House for exhibition
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 1
White Bathroom
3D characters - Warrior
Stairway to 2 room flat
3D characters - Monster's ugly face
USB drive -
3D model of Medical Endoscopic device
3D model of OPR and Ph meter
Bedroom in 2 flat room
3D model of kangen water filter machine
USB drive -
Jewelry box
3D characters - doll
3D characters - Young man
3D characters - Woman and man for book covers
Outdoor cafe v1
100 sq. feet office/study zone - Exterior
Antonio and Cleo in the airport
Toothpaste tube
Training device from a bag
Adjustable supports
3 storey university complex
Two versions of kitchen
3D characters - Fitness girl
Toy - Pluffy dog
Sofa - loveseat
Kitchen furniture v1
Simple bedroom with bed for family and baby
Pool with 3d turtles on the floor
Arabian horse statuette
Golden horse logo
3D model of kangen water filter machine
3D characters - Cartoon girl
Exhibition stand design for cognac brand
3D characters - Goblin

Architectural models

and visualisation

3D characters


3D objects


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