When dealing with architectural projects we are guided by the idea to carry out our solutions in a style that is close to our customers. Preferences of our customers is the basis for us during design process. As they say "there is no accounting for tastes": someone may like the modern Hi Tech style, and the other one feels comfortable in the Empire style. We always follow  the principle, that a person would have to live in the room, and s/he should like the design. And our task is to do our best in order to make the house look beautiful and be  comfortable, ergonomic and stylish.

We offer services related to exterior, interior, landscape and furniture design. If you want, you can totally trust us and we will design solutions for our taste, or you can send us your sketches or ideas and we implement them in ready-made solutions together with you, guiding the ideas into the right direction. After all, as they say, "the architect is the one who knows the difference between what can be done and what should be done in order."

Sink v1
Kitchen in 2 flat room
Airplane interior design and visualisation
Outdoor cafe v1
Bedroom in 2 flat room
Outdoor cafe v2
Wooden ceramic tiles bathroom
100 sq. feet office/study zone - interior
Administrative building (court house)
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 2
3 storey university complex
Bathroom 2
Virtual studio for online training
Girl's bedroom
Gated community
Pool with 3d turtles on the floor
Kitchen furniture v1
House for exhibition
Dining room with fireplace
Exhibition stand design for cognac brand
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 1
Stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition
19 - 20 centuries style garden and pavilion
Sofa - loveseat
8 storey appartment
Exhibition 4 med
Business center
Simple bedroom with bed for family and baby
Bar restaurant interior design
100 sq. feet office/study zone - Exterior
Kitchen with fireplace
Bathrooms in the container
Start-up office zone with the skateboard park
Public bathroom in container
Stairway to 2 room flat
Sink v2
Three versions of kitchen
Hotel room / bedroom
Casino interior design
Bedroom v1
Bedroom 2
Bathroom 1
White Bathroom
Designers' chair
Two versions of kitchen
Dining room

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Design from scratch
or modification of existed


Design projects
for new flats
or for renovation


Design of gated communities
or gardens
or small holdings


lLminated/particle board
or cabinet furniture

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