The result of interior design is not only a beautiful room. First of all, this is a process of work aimed at solving a specific task: the clever usage of space and creation of comfort for people.

The right color choice, the right arrangement of furniture and pleasant lighting may impact on health and peace of mind of human.

Nowadays design choices for the consumer are complex and fascinating. There is a huge variety of materials on the market with a different kind of style and quality, and it is not an easy task for the customer to choose the best design.

We can help you select and design the room of your dreams based on your taste and preferences. Below are some of the projects developed by us. For a detailed info about projects, click "read more".


100 sq. feet office/study zone - interior
Bar restaurant interior design
Casino interior design
Exhibition stand design for cognac brand
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 2
Japanese style stand design for exhibition - 1
Virtual studio for online training
Pool with 3d turtles on the floor
Simple bedroom with bed for family and baby
Wooden ceramic tiles bathroom
White Bathroom
Two versions of kitchen
Bedroom 2
Kitchen with fireplace
Dining room with fireplace
Outdoor cafe v2
Outdoor cafe v1
Airplane interior design and visualisation
Girl's bedroom
Bathrooms in the container
Hotel room / bedroom
Stairway to 2 room flat
Bathroom 2
Bathroom 1
Dining room
Kitchen in 2 flat room
Bedroom in 2 flat room
Three versions of kitchen
Exhibition 4 med


Design from scratch
or modification of existed


Design projects
for new flats
or for renovation


Design of gated communities
or gardens
or small holdings


lLminated/particle board
or cabinet furniture

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