It often happens that you have decided what the style your interior must have  and you clearly imagine what the result you would like to get, but you may have difficulty in designing the furniture with correlation to the size of your room .

We will help you design a cabinet furniture, based on the size of your kitchen, hall, lounge, bedroom. We can design a stylish sinks, chairs, tables using wood, MDF, particleboard, veneer, i.e from materials that are dominant in nowadays market, based on your budget and preference.

We design furniture taking into account all the things mentioned above.

  • Sofa - loveseat

    Sofa - loveseat

    Visualization of the sofa

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  • Commode


    Visualization of the commode

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  • "Used" chair and table

    Visualization of the used chair and table

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  • Stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition

    Stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition

    Design of the stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition

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  • Bedroom v1

    Bedroom v1

    Draft of furniture for the bedroom.

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  • Sink v2

    Sink v2

    Sink design.

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  • Sink v1

    Sink v1

    Sink design.

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Design from scratch
or modification of existed


Design projects
for new flats
or for renovation


Design of gated communities
or gardens
or small holdings


lLminated/particle board
or cabinet furniture

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