The exterior is not only the shell of the house.

This is owner's personalisation, which allows other people to make an objective idea about the taste of the house owner.

In addition, even not a massive building becomes an architectural part of the city or region and, of course, should look harmonious, fitting into the face of the city. Indeed, as they say "you can hide bad painting, splite nasty sculpture, but what can you do with the facade of the building?".

During creation process, we take into account all the nuances: from the customer wishes to harmonious fitting building in the landscape, from the building materials to night lighting.

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100 sq. feet office/study zone - Exterior
3 storey university complex
Public bathroom in container
House for exhibition
Administrative building (court house)
Business center
8 storey appartment


Design from scratch
or modification of existed


Design projects
for new flats
or for renovation


Design of gated communities
or gardens
or small holdings


lLminated/particle board
or cabinet furniture

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