3D objects

This section contains some examples of the work done in the field of industrial design as well as objects that have been made in 3D modeling software for using in various fields.

Besides, here we demonstrate the 3d design and visualization of the products. It shows the ability of the 3D software to represent the product in a photorealistic way even without having it actually be produced.


You can see several project examples. For additional information click on "read more".




Adjustable supports
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Virus vs cells
Toothpaste tube
Ocean Fish Farm
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Cups - clean and dirty
Colt Armory Dome
USB drive -
USB flash drive -
Training device from a bag
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Stand for whiskey bottle in exhibition
3D model of kangen water filter machine
Paintings in 3D frames
Sea Farm Basket
Car decal
Golden horse logo
Kitchen furniture v1
Arabian horse statuette
13 sided vodka bottle design
Toy - Pluffy dog
Designers' chair
USB flash drive - The crocodile
USB drive -
Sofa - loveseat
Bags for premixed plaster
Jewelry -
Electrical spheres and the earth
Bedroom v1
USB flash drive -
USB storage -
3D model of Medical Endoscopic device
3D model of OPR and Ph meter
Jewelry box
Sink v2
Sink v1
Fitness Equipment and animation of basic exercises
Stainless steel rings
Band rover
USB flash drive-
Antonio and Cleo in the airport
3D model of kangen water filter machine


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