USB flash drive - "Light bulb"

USB drive in form of light bulbs

Design of Souvenir Flash Drives is one of our projects, we've ventured into the world of souvenir flash drives, where functionality meets artistic expression. Each flash drive tells a unique story:

The light bulb: Store your brightest new ideas here.


The project includes sticks in the form of the Garbage carcrocodile, piraterose, pineapple, light bulb, and classic.



Use the navigation buttons in the pan window or click and slide the mouse on the pictue to interact with object. Click on  to switch to full-screen mode. 


all the images below have been created in 3d modeling software

3d Objects Usb Storage 22
3d Objects Usb Storage 23
3d Objects Usb Storage 3
3d Objects Usb Storage 8


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